Who are we?

Of Antservice.es we make artificial anthills to raise colonies of ants from a fertilized queen. All our designs are based on the experience as breeders of ants and are optimized to give the maximum performance. We apply the study of the Mirmecology in all our designs.

The Mirmecology is the branch of the entomology that deals with the study of the ants, with his social life and with all his aspects. The term of mirmecology originates from the Greek myrmex (ant) and from the people of the mirmidones that, according to the mythology, they were descending from the ants transformed by Zeus into human beings.

In Spain there are more than 8.000 fans of the MirmecologĂ­a, agglutinated all of them across the LaMarabunta forum. An interest that goes more than 10 years in our country. In Europe this interest multiplies for ten, being Germany and France the countries with more fans of Europa.


July 2010 - Taxomara 2010 in Ronda (Málaga)

July 2011 - Taxomara 2011 in Girona

July 2012 - Taxomara 2012 in Tres Cantos (Madrid)

24 May 2012 - Our anthills in works of end of course.

30 April 2014 - He interviews in Television of Catalonia, in the program Spread Earth.


Our Distributors

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Antservice Europe is the shop online for distributors in Europe. We do not sell the final client. Any order and purchase has to be realized across our channel of distribution.